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Monday, 10 January 2005


it's hard to believe it's been only two years
since that horrible morning of terror and tears
when at last Dems of that Vietnam generation
gave first place to defending our vulnerable nation
when they stood by the side of the Commander in Chief
did you know that their act would be shallow and brief?
from the moment they sensed it was safe to resume
they reverted to gloom and they forecasted doom
yes, they've seized on each charge that might sever the bond
between People and President united so fond
first "he's moving too slow," then "he's rushing to war,"
from "connecting the dots," to "Bush Knew!" and there's more:
there was "No Blood For Oil," and "the French won't approve,"
and "without the U.N. we must not make a move."
"It's a quagmire," they claimed, and "the looting's too great,"
"the Museum's been emptied," (correction on page 48)
they bewailed "no food," and bemoaned "lack of water,"
scarcely noting Saddam no more rapes wives and daughters.

sixteen words caused such outrage and feigned indignation
by that same crowd that shilled for Slick's prevarications

yes, the Party of Truman and young JFK
now appears to have totally vanished away

like a stampede of lemmings, gone over a ledge
Dems have taken our politics beyond water's edge

the Dems saw how our enemies viciously kill
but they just do not get it, and they just never will.

Copyright by Larry Naselli September 11, 2003

Posted by larry_naselli at 16:57 CST

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