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Monday, 10 January 2005

Why was this waste made?

Why was this waste made of costly perfume?
The smell of such squandering's filling the room.
It could have been sold to help out the poor,
but now its just making a mess on the floor.

So say the blind guides and ambitious men,
presuming to speak for the One Who has said,
"it is a good work to pour out your best,
to sit at My feet, to lie on My breast."

For those who most love me, most gladly obey,
and bear an abundance of fruit on the way.
Remember your first love -- your heart's been misplaced
if you think spending time loving Me is a waste.

Why was this waste made? To pour out a heart
too much overflowing to want to depart
from worshiping Jesus in fervent embrace,
without a concern for the time or the place.

Copyright 2004 by Larry Naselli

Posted by larry_naselli at 17:24 CST

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