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Monday, 10 January 2005


out under the stars of a crisp autumn sky
I hear the coyotes' lamentable cry
a solo, a duet, a trio at times,
that pierces the quiet,
sends chills up my spine

sounding awfully mournful, as if they regret
the ravenous deeds that await them, and yet,
like ghosts driven on by a curse, they proceed
to stalk the unwary, to pounce and to feed

in the daylight they skulk in their dens, where I guess
all the sounds of our day simply fail to impress
on the mind of those canines, that cunningest brand,
a single poetic or fanciful strand

Copyright 2003 by Larry Naselli

Posted by larry_naselli at 16:53 CST

Learning Curve

there are two ways of learning a lesson my son,
both an easy and hard way and you'll always choose one

the hard way's most popular, common and tried
it is learning through pain till the lesson's applied

a rod's for the back of the fool, it's been said
`cause a beating is all that can get through his head

now the easy way's easy and quicker beside
but it means you must listen and swallow your pride

the words of your father and mother are key
to learning the easy way, take it from me

take heed to the words of your Mother and Dad
their teaching will guide you and light up your path

for God gave you parents so you would grow wise
without all the pain that the hard way supplies

why this very lesson is one that you'll get
either the easy or hard way...have you chosen yet?

Copyright 2003 by Larry Naselli

Posted by larry_naselli at 16:52 CST

Traces of Fun

Though few sights are so lovely as a coverlet of white,
so cold, so crisp and perfect, newly fallen from the heights,
the undisturb-ed beauty of that peaceful winter's yield,
that ornaments each tree and bush, and carpets silent fields,

there is one alteration which improves on such perfection,
that far excels the pleasure of this natural collection,
the evident fulfillment of divine intentions done,
found in little footprint traces of our children having fun.

Copyright 2004 by Larry Naselli

Posted by larry_naselli at 16:52 CST
Updated: Monday, 10 January 2005 16:53 CST
Sunday, 9 January 2005

That ye might bear much fruit

Pruning shears in hand, He passes on from tree to tree
removing every shoot that isn't all that it should be,
in search of every fruitful branch and each one that's a waste,
a Husbandman determined to achieve the finest taste

John 15:1-2

Copyright 2003 by Larry Naselli

Posted by larry_naselli at 00:01 CST
Updated: Thursday, 13 January 2005 09:34 CST
Saturday, 8 January 2005

Special Friends

The God who puts the lonely into families
and strengthens both the weary and the weak,
Who orchestrates those exquisite anomalies
such as bequeathing Earth unto the meek.

The Shepherd with that unmistaken calling
well known by all the sheep that to Him cling,
The One Who sees a single sparrow falling
and gives the barren woman cause to sing,

Who did not hold back even His dear Son but
instead so freely gave Him up for us,
will not demur to graciously provide us
with everything we've ever needed, plus!

Not least among His many benefices,
and intricately woven to His ends,
He knits the hearts of brethren close together,
and crowns our life with very special friends.

"and it came to pass...that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul."
I Samuel 18:1

Copyright 2003 by Larry Naselli

Posted by larry_naselli at 00:01 CST

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